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Market Research

Market research in China

Gather inputs from the field

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Prepare your move

You are planning to develop your business in China.
This country offers a market full of opportunities, and its population is real leverage for the domain of healthcare.
Great leverage implies great possibilities, and also potential financial loss.

100% of winners tried their luck.

The key is to manage the risk.

For a whole new world

The scale of the country is different from European countries in terms of surface area, population, competition, and above all: culture. Language, writing, manners, mindset… a whole new world.

Let us make it simple: you can consider every province of China as a European country by itself.
Would you try to conquer the whole of Europe at once, or move step by step?
You just need a plan.
Your budget to get China to know your company is likely to be higher than what you spend in Europe.
This is why we strongly advise optimizing your budget and finding accurately the best target.

The more you know, the best it is.

To have a clear status of the potential market and define a proper strategy, better to take time to gather data and analysis.

The health care system and commercialization work differently, between regulations and good practices.

This is why we offer our support to help you expand successfully your business to China.

How do we proceed?

Let's walk the steps

Define Objectives

Plan of Intelligence






Define Objectives




Plan of Intelligence





The essence of this report

Will be the fruit of our experience and reliable information from our network.

Not just a piece of paper showing projections.

Start qualifying leads

People contacted during your research may become leads when you move forward.


We collect data protecting all crucial information you have shared with us.

Ready for next move

We define together the next step forward.

Let's talk about your market research

The best way to consider your future in China is to have real data from the field.

Contact us now and let’s start building up your strategy.

About JUMO

JUMO, foreign market entry accelerator, is expert at unravelling market opportunities for both arriving and operating healthcare companies in the country.
Our team serves businesses looking for sustainable growth, to understand, plan, design, communicate and sell in foreign markets for and with you.


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