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Discover here how we support you to develop your business in China.

Because our clients are all unique, we tailor our solutions for you based on our process.


The very first step before entering a new market is to understand where you are going.

By providing a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the new market, Jumo lets you make prompt decisions about emerging opportunities and will forewarn you about potential threats.

Market study allows getting a clear market picture and learning from competitors’ best practices and weaknesses, and making right decisions on corporate planning, marketing and sales, business development, operations management, HR issues, R&D, advertising, purchasing, M&A and others activities


Jumo helps to define the growth-driven strategy your company needs to succeed in Asia. From simple office presence to compete export business plan, Jumo offers you the possibility to settle down your activity in a sustainable way.

From the intelligible data provided to you, Jumo is able to work out potential strategies to develop and grow your business.


Idea-driven, Jumo ensures that your identity matches perfectly Asian cultures and standards. Jumo create thoughtful branded experiences through different materials, digital and paper. With a strong focus on design and by using our experience, Jumo makes sure that your brand is locally visible to communicate your image as a leading actor of its industry.


In an ever evolving digital world, Jumo helps you to develop robust and inclusive online and offline strategies. Jumo believes it remains essential to define the road map for content, design, technology and platforms employed in your communication strategy.

Thanks again to the intelligible data issued in the market study phase, Jumo is able to determine the target audience and the channels for your communication strategy. This is your key starting point when planning a marketing campaign, whether offline or online.

To communicate, you don’t need to be only offline or online, and an integrated marketing communication solution can be highly effective for a better visibility of your brand, product or service.


Sales and strategies in Asia are driven by relationship and network – avoiding Guanxi makes sales hard to develop without the appropriate network. Strengthened by our intensive experience related to Asia markets, we share our network and establish your sales force to generate leads and ultimately increase your turnover.

Whether it is through distributors or direct connections, we are able to settle down your sales force and initiate your market entry.


“ISRP was able to start up psychomotricity in China thanks to the perseverance of Jumo and its part-time executive service”

Gerard Hermant

General Manager ISRP

“Jumo supports us for many years on the Chinese market. Thanks to them, we build a long-term relationship with our distributor.”

Sumire Hirot

Marketing & Sales Leader THERENVA

“ELITechGroup is able to develop Molecular Diagnostics business in China, thanks to the professionalty and dedication of Jumo”

Roberto Meda

ELITech Vice President International MDx – Managing Director

“Jumo team helps us to clarify our international strategy from medical imaging transportation to first tele-medicine operator”

Eric Le Bihan

President Etiam Group

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About JUMO

JUMO, foreign market entry accelerator, is expert at unravelling market opportunities for both arriving and operating healthcare companies in the country.
Our team serves businesses looking for sustainable growth, to understand, plan, design, communicate and sell in foreign markets for and with you.


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