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Your office in China

Stretch the frontiers of your business

You have found your business and it works well.

Now that your products and services are rock solid, what about exporting to grow your business?

In China the market is huge with plenty of opportunities. Great power involve great responsibilities.


China is a land of possibilities.

If you can deal with cultural differences, new networks, and above all local regulations.

China is not the country next door, and efficient development can be done only being on location. Everyday.

What if you had dedicated and experimented support already on site?

We support you

Our team composed of experienced healthcare professionals is there to support you through all steps of your expansion.

We all know both Western and Chinese cultures, which help to create and enhance bonds between you and your new market.

The best way is to keep your focus on your activity, and we take care of all China-related topics.


Discover below the main phases and domains included in our services.

Market analysis

Market Study

  • What is the size of the market in China?
  • What is the patient journey?
  • Specific mapping of distributors, clients, stakeholders?

Post Market Study

  • Pre NMPA work.
  • Identify buying / selling partners

Business Development

Facilitate Access

  • Regulatory
  • Other Official Entities

Identify and sign deal with distributors

  • Business development

Strengthen Sales & Marketing

  • Assess and optimization of sales forces
  • Raise awareness in business and medical networks

Legal and Accounting

Bilingual Assistance

  • Help on administrative aspects

Accounting / Legal support

  • Registration with Authorities, Payroll, Taxes…
  • Legal matters, IPR, Trademark

Management & Coaching

Team Assessment

Follow up of business development

Sales Advice


“ISRP was able to start up psychomotricity in China thanks to the perseverance of Jumo and its part-time executive service”

Gerard Hermant

General Manager ISRP

“Jumo supports us for many years on the Chinese market. Thanks to them, we build a long-term relationship with our distributor.”

Sumire Hirot

Marketing & Sales Leader THERENVA

“ELITechGroup is able to develop Molecular Diagnostics business in China, thanks to the professionalty and dedication of Jumo”

Roberto Meda

ELITech Vice President International MDx – Managing Director

“Jumo team helps us to clarify our international strategy from medical imaging transportation to first tele-medicine operator”

Eric Le Bihan

President Etiam Group

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About JUMO

JUMO, foreign market entry accelerator, is expert at unravelling market opportunities for both arriving and operating healthcare companies in the country.
Our team serves businesses looking for sustainable growth, to understand, plan, design, communicate and sell in foreign markets for and with you.


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