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Browsing horizons of our partners and colleagues In this series #jumohorizons_eng, we present you partners and colleagues from different branches in healthcare who have successfully set up in China. Take advantage of our experiences and stack all the odds in your...

Jumo Partners : Yong Yan

Jumo Partners : Yong Yan

To be successful in a market as a foreign company, a good knowledge of local culture is required. To expand business in China for our clients, a good adaptability is definitely a strong advantage to face all steps of development. Good contact with people and knowledge...

“Patience, a lot of patience”

“Patience, a lot of patience”

JUMO Partners – ORPEA Roundup
In this series #jumohorizons, we introduce you to colleagues and partners from different health sectors who have managed to establish themselves in China.
Capitalize on our experiences and put all the chances of success on your side!

This week we present the Orpea Group

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JUMO, foreign market entry accelerator, is expert at unravelling market opportunities for both arriving and operating healthcare companies in the country.
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