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Interview: Anthony Zhang

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To be successful in a market as a foreign company, a good knowledge of local culture is required. To expand business in China for our clients, a good adaptability is definitely a strong advantage to face all steps of development. Good contact with people and knowledge of healthcare are mandatory to accomplish our missions.

Anthony ZHANG, a team member of Jumo Partners started his career in technologies. His taste for people brought him to develop his path communicating with people. Multifaceted, he has developed a sense of entrepreneurship and autonomy that opens many possibilities in our market full of opportunities.

Discover more about his path and vision.

Anthony ZHANG

Anthony ZHANG

Account manager

“- How could you summarize your career in a few words? 

I used to work in Tech-heavy Silicon Valley as a part of sales force. My career is very people-oriented. Currently, I work to help foreign healthcare companies accessing market in China.

– What motivated you to join Jumo Partners?

I am always intrigued by healthcare technologies and thought joining in can be a perfect opportunity.

What is your role in the organization?  

I am currently an account manager in a dialysis-tech project. I am also in other projects as junior consultant.

Does your knowledge about western culture helps you in your activity ?  

Knowledge about western culture definitely helps to understand the operations and communications with the clients and day-to-day job tasks.

– In your career path, you have been a founder, business director and developer. How these experience help you today for Jumo Partners?

I think many of the job tasks are required to be self-managed. Having experience in other entrepreneurship is helpful on this aspect.

– You are also interested by trading and stocks, does it help you to forecast and feel the healthcare market?

Many healthcare companies need heavy investment upfront for innovations and market access. It is interesting to dig a bit deeper in publicly traded biotech companies and see how they operate. I will not be forecasting if a particular company does well or not, but in general, healthcare industry will be on a uptrend as more investments and better technologies will happen.

How do you see the market of healthcare in China? What are the trends?  

R&D in healthcare in China is still lackluster comparing to USA & EU. I think this should be the trend in the next 10 years to focus more on R&D aspect. However, recent announced national sourcing on Pharma and medical devices has put a double-edge sword on the market. In general the trends are cautiously optimistic with policies need to be adapted.

What is the perception of Chinese clients and institutions about foreign healthcare products and services?  

The quality of the foreign healthcare products are promising for the Chinese clients. However, we do face a few gov policies on the biddings to limit the foreign brands.

What would be your advice for any foreign company willing to develop its activity in China?  

China is a big country and distribution network can often be complex. Plan carefully and also protect the IP well before entering.

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