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“Patience, a lot of patience”

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JUMO Partners – ORPEA in this #jumohorizons series, we introduce you to colleagues and partners from different sectors of healthcare who have successfully established themselves in China.

Capitalize on our experiences and put all the chances of success on your side!

This week we present the Orpea Group

“Patience, a lot of patience”

To provide full care for seniors in a country that traditionally houses all generations under one roof. This was the challenge of the Orpea group, which specializes in creating places to live for elderly people whose situation requires attention, special care, or personalized help with daily life gestures.

This group, founded in 1989, moved to Europe before establishing in China in 2013. The elderly population continues to grow while children from the one-child policy are now active. Traditionally, children have to take care of their parents and grandparents, which is not always easy.

Orpea has successfully introduced him to China and is now talking about her experience.

Thanks to Nathaniel Farouz (CEO of Orpea China) for taking the time to answer our questions.

Nathaniel Farouz 高天禮

Nathaniel Farouz 高天禮

CEO at Orpea China 欧葆庭

“- What types of companies do you think they have a chance of success in China? ‌

Companies with a very differentiating product or know-how, with high added value, difficult to copy and for which China has not yet developed a competence.

– What are the key factors for exporting or establishing themselves in China? What were the conditions for the success of your own establishment?

Patience, a lot of patience. Responsiveness and a “test and learn” approach: it is unlikely that a foreign model will work the first time. You have to give yourself the flexibility to adjust the business model frequently until you find the right calibration. This is based on a careful study of the need of the Chinese consumer, and requires to think about the product itself, but also how it is marketed and distributed. In some cases, such as ORPEA, one may wish to rely on a partner who will facilitate the marketing aspect by making its network available.

– What support have you received to successfully establish your establishments in China?

What do you think would be the right accompaniments necessary and useful for any company wishing to make a breakthrough in China?

We have worked in collaboration with French organizations in China, including the FrenchHealthCare Alliance, which through trade shows and conferences it has organized has been determining in our ability to identify certain partners.  

– What is your offer? What is the audience you welcome in your establishments?

We have an offer of nursing homes for dependent elderly people, as well as wellbeing rehabilitation centres. Our customers are usually Chinese CSP

We have a B2C secondary offer for investors or real estate developers interested in the sector, to which we offer our skills in managing retirement homes on a daily basis so that they can set up their projects. 

– If you had any advice, what are the right steps to take: in the reflection ahead of the establishment in China? In the management of establishments in China?

In addition to the above-mentioned elements, the question of human resources, which are often critical, must be asked: it is difficult to train and retain talent in China, and this represents a significant budget in terms of time and finances for foreign operators.

– In your experience do you have success stories Export to China Medical?

Most French players in the sector, whether in goods or services (with the exception of pharmaceutical groups), are still trying to find themselves. Companies that have successfully demonstrated the validity of their business model are now in phase where they are looking to gain scale in order to sustain themselves in the long term.”

The insertion of Orpea into the Chinese market was possible, among other conditions of success, thanks to local partners who are aware of the regulations, the market and any other points that might concern you. Several ways of doing things: seminars, meetings, contacts or even tailor-made support.


There are several entities that can help you depending on your stage of development. 

French Healthcare

French Healthcare


  • Their goals:
    • Provide competitive and innovative products and services that meet the needs of the Chinese market;
    • Value-added cooperation in the health, science, finance and business sectors with relevant local institutions in China (competent departments at national and local levels, investors, hospitals, research institutes, etc.).
  • https://frenchhealthcare-association.fr/
French Healthcare Alliance China (Club Santé Chine)

French Healthcare Alliance China (Club Santé Chine)


  • Their goals:
    • Offer competitive and innovative products and services that meet the needs and needs of the Chinese market
    • Develop value-added medical, scientific, financial and commercial partnerships with local players (Chinese authorities at national and local level, investors, hospitals, research institutes, etc.)
    • Share information and experience between multinationals and SMEs, public and private stakeholders; and with newcomers to China
    • Joint business development initiatives targeting KOL in China through joint communication campaigns and ad hoc events
    • Synergy between companies and the Embassy to remove potential market barriers using institutional levers
  • https://french-healthcare-alliance.com.cn/
Business France

Business France

Organisme gouvernemental

  • Business France’s main missions:
    • Support for the international development of French companies and their exports,
    • The information and support of foreign investors in France,
    • Promoting the attractiveness and economic image of France, its companies and its territories,
    • The management and development of The International Volunteering in Enterprises (V.I.E).
  • http://www.businessfrance.fr/
China Foreign Trade Advisors

China Foreign Trade Advisors

Government agency

Their missions

  • CCE are monitoring the “sensitive issues” of foreign trade. At the heart of international markets and experts in their field, they pass on their information, opinions and recommendations on the issues of global trade or government-specific markets whose decisions they inform.
  • CCE pass on their expertise to companies, especially SMEs, which they sponsor and volunteer to support in their international development. They bring their knowledge on the ground and make it easier for SMEs to understand all aspects of an export strategy and to mobilize the relays that can facilitate their international development.
  • France’s attractiveness for international investment. CCE helps to strengthen France’s image in their contacts with business leaders and local economic authorities abroad and facilitates, if necessary, investment decisions in France.

What about implementation?

Jumo Partners helps you through the different steps to develop your business in China. From market study to sales, we adapt your services on your activity and your needs.

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“Patience, a lot of patience”

JUMO Partners – ORPEA Roundup
In this series #jumohorizons, we introduce you to colleagues and partners from different health sectors who have managed to establish themselves in China.
Capitalize on our experiences and put all the chances of success on your side!

This week we present the Orpea Group